At AeroMobil, we understand the challenges companies are facing to evaluate eVTOL for personal air transport. We have built strong expertise across the major building blocks for Personal Aerial Vehicles and Urban Air Mobility – vehicle, infrastructure, operations, business model. Over the last 10 years, we accumulated a depth of experience in critical areas related to the design and development of PAVs. We have build engineering and design capabilities around whole vehicle design and systems integration. Our technology and strategy partners are world-leading organisations, further enhancing our services and capabilities. We have already completed several projects in the last 12 months for leading automotive OEM and technology suppliers.


Reasons to choose AeroMobil

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Sector knowledge – Unique auto and aero engineering experience

Engineering and technical projects need to be framed by the broader context in which they will be applied. We take a holistic view and understand the sector, its development, the competition, regulation, technology-readiness and applicability for safety and compliance with regulatory frameworks. We anticipate outcomes, test new ideas and find the optimum solution.

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Specialist expertise - We are uniquely focused on personal air transportation

We are focused on the future of personal air transportation and understand this specialist area. The depth of our knowledge base means we can transfer the skills, experience and best practice to benefit our clients. We excel in solving complex engineering challenges: the ones that require the right combination of intellect, experience and innovation.

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Agile development – We quickly adapt to changes

We are a small team with a strong start-up mentality, but with the experience you find at large technical consultancies. This means we are agile and efficient with our resources. Based in Central Europe, we aim to be competitive on costs relative to other outsourced engineering consultancies.

What we offer


A staged approach to VTOL development to manage risk, costs and engineering requirements


A range of differentiated services to clients from advisory through to concept development.


Technical engineering and support to design, engineer, test and develop VTOL aircraft and systems.

How to get in touch

Whether it's designing a brand-new aircraft or developing an existing vehicle, we offer technical consulting and concept development services within our Technical Services division.

Meet us at one of the upcoming Urban Air Mobility events or contact directly via e-mail at

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